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Finding New Development

Every five years, the State of New Jersey contracts out a statewide aerial photograph. From the 2007 aerial photography, a highly detailed land use/land cover data set was created. Now that the 2012 aerial photography has been released, we would like your help in identifying new urban development visible on the 2012 aerial photos.

Crowdsource Competition

Starting at 12 noon on Tuesday October 8th, the number of development units identified will be tracked for each participant. The most productive users will be listed on the status page. Claim bragging rights for being a top contributor!

Getting Started

Zoom into an area and search the aerial photograph for visible development. Areas known to have been developed before March 2007 have been masked out in black. Once you find new a new house or structure, select the type of structure on the Add Points panel and then click on the center of the structure to record the new development.

About this project

Visit the project homepage for more information, summary statistics and other updates.

Growth is crowdsourcing component of the NJ MAP project. Developed by the Geospatial Research Laboratory with funding support from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

New Development Type

Apartment Building, Townhouses or Duplex
(look for multiple driveways)
(Hotkey 1)
Single Family Residential
(around ½ acre lot size)
(Hotkey 2)
Large Lot/Rural Residential
(≥1 acre lot size )
(Hotkey 3)
Commercial/Industrial Buildings
(look for parking lots)
(Hotkey 4)
Other/Unknown Building
(Hotkey 5)
Under Construction
(Hotkey 6)

Use your keyboard to quickly switch between types of development!

Navigate to...

A random location or
• a specific place:

Compare Imagery

Press "t" to toggle between the 2012 and the 2007 imagery. The 2007 imagery is presented in false color, appearing with a reddish tint. If a structure is not significantly different between 2007 and 2012, it is safe to ignore.

Bird's Eye View

Press "b" to open a second window containing the bird's eye view of the center of the map.
The bird's eye imagery will not necessarily represent the same time period depicted on the main map and is provided as a reference only. Please do not map points based off of what appears on the bird's eye imagery. You may need to disable your popup blocker in order for the window to appear.

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